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Arno Fournier

Quetzal Motivo Panama

Country: Republic of Panama

Phone: +507 387-5335

Email: [email protected]

Nathalie Vermeiren

Quetzal Motivo Costa Rica / Nicaragua

Country: Costa Rica

Phone: +506 2683-0603

Email: [email protected]

Hocine Boukhenaissi

Quetzal Motivo Guatemala / Belize / Honduras

Country: Guatemala

Phone: +34 933-184-227

Email: [email protected]


Our commercial representatives

Safran – France

Mondo – Brazil

Travelmediate – Netherlands, Belgium & Poland

Exclusive Destinations – USA

MM and Company – U.K

Goldenpeak – Italy

PS Network Marketing & PR – Germany

Our offices

Panama: +507 387-5334
Costa Rica / Nicaragua: +506 2683-0603
Guatemala / Belize / Honduras: +502 5709-1982

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Organizing successful incentive trips and conventions is what makes us happy to get up in the morning, we are passionate about it. What drives us is when the departing guests shake our hands with a smile and say: “Thanks a lot, that was perfect!”.

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