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“Out of the box”, “Off the beaten path”, “In a way no regular tourist could experience”, and “Wow factor”… Some clients still feel the need to mention this in their RFPs, which we find rather puzzling. “Why?”, you may ask, it’s because this is what we do. If you are looking for the regular Tour Operator catalogue excursion, please contact our competitors.

If we were to describe the array of excursions and activities we have in store for you in Central America, you would need two days to read this page. Let’s make it short : incredible nature and landscapes, stunning wildlife, pre-Columbian civilizations, Spanish colonial sites and cities, adventure activities, laid-back days on the beaches of pristine islands, encounters with indigenous tribes, climbing active volcanoes, boat cruises, the Panama Canal, the list goes on. With us, you will discover the beauties of Central America like no other, with a magical incentive touch.

Our group of DMC in Central America will organise memorable excursions for you. Let’s discover!

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What our clients say about us...

Thank you again for Quetzal Motivo’s great work on our incentive program! As you know, the (…) executives, agents, associates, and guests had a very positive experience in Panama. This was due in large part to the Quetzal Motivo team! We did not have the familiarity of having worked with you on past client programs. To your credit, you made it seem like we’ve worked together for years… all from day 1!

All of your team often went over and above to deliver exceptional service to our client’s guests! That team, including all the guides, was professional, enthusiastic, and tireless in their efforts over a long period of time. It was helpful that they all had a great sense of humor as well! The Gavel team thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and working with your team! Throughout the planning process, and on the field, you were responsive, creative, and patient. We appreciate all that you did to help make the program a success! We look forward to working with you again soon!

Jim Bozzelli, Vice-President – Gavel International (Chicago)

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What keeps us going as a DMC

Organizing successful incentive trips and conventions is what makes us happy to get up in the morning, we are passionate about it. What drives us is when the departing guests shake our hands with a smile and say: “Thanks a lot, that was perfect!”.

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